What did sherlyn chopra say about the fact that she was suffering from kidney failure and was given three months by the doctor? Actress sherlyn chopra is a star who gained fame for her body performances. She (Sherlyn Chopra) is often in the news with shocking statements. They are not afraid to share their personal information and information about the struggles they have faced in their lives. Recently she claimed to have slept with many people for money. "I have slept with many people for money in the past, sorry to disappoint you, but I will not engage in such activities for money anymore," he said. After that, a case of sexual harassment was filed against a businessman, and the actress called a press conference and gave a detailed statement about the sexual harassment. He said that Mumbai-based businessman Sunil Parasmani lodha had treated him very badly. The actress has stated in the complaint that the accused sexually harassed her on the pretext of paying for the shooting of the video, and when she resisted, he assaulted her with weapons and threatened to kill her.

The actress has a raised hand in showing off her body after undergoing surgery to make her breasts look bigger. Recently, Sherlyn had given an entry on the issue of another drama queen Rakhi Sawant's family. When actress Rakhi told about her husband Adil Khan Durrani's cheating, the couple got into a fight. The actress who initially spoke on behalf of Adil Khan, then changed the plate and held a press conference for Rakhi. Adil Khan claimed to have made a video of Rakhi's naked body and showed it to him. Earlier, rakhi sawant had also complained that her naked body video went viral.

Amidst all this, the actress has now made a shocking statement. The actress recalled that she was suffering from a kidney problem and the doctor had given her a deadline of three months and the doctor had told her that she would die in three months. After all, this happened in 2021. Then one of their kidneys was face. Inevitably it had to be removed. The actress recalled that the doctors had given her three months to live and the doctors had given her two chances. One, kidney transplant or another dialysis. During this time he had to visit the hospital three times a week. After three months of medication, the kidney failure reversed, the actress said, and showed that she had overcome it. The actress, who claimed to be reborn, did not explain how.

Currently, the statement made by the actress is going viral. Some people are also questioning whether this really happened or if the actress is playing a drama to get pity. While many people are doubting that the actress is not giving any clarity about how she handled the kidney failure and how she overcame it, some people are questioning what is the benefit of the actress by lying about such problems.

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