Some time ago, singer mika singh had volunteered to find a life partner in the show Mika Di Voti, where he had

made his best friend akanksha Puri his partner. After this, akanksha Puri got the name of Mika Di Voti on TV. But

since then both of them were rarely seen together.

Mika Singh breaks silence regarding his relationship with akanksha Puri

After the end of this Swayamvar, questions started being raised from the fans whether Mika and akanksha will

marry each other or not. When going to bigg boss OTT 2, it was made clear from Akanksha's side that she and

Mika are just good friends and she is single. However, now mika singh has also broken his silence regarding this


He said- 'I had agreed to do Swayamvar Mika Di Voti because I really wanted to get married. All my friends were

also pressurizing me. I liked the idea of Swayamvar and hence I chose this show. However, after choosing

Akanksha as my partner, I realized that we were not meant to be with each other. I am a singer and she is an actress.

Both mine and Akanksha’s work is different

Mika Singh further said, I keep traveling all over the world for my songs, whereas she mostly stays at one place for

her acting. I felt that if she was a singer, we could have worked together and even traveled together, but since she is

an actress and her work is different from mine, we mutually decided to become friends.

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