Reportedly when you move from karnataka to another state or even to another country, if you hear kannada, your ears will not only perk up, but your mind will be filled. Shivraj Kumar, who was on a trip to America for the kannada conference, was surrounded by Kannadigas. Meanwhile, Shivanna was charmed by the Washington registration tesla car. Hattrick hero Shivaraj Kumar is busy in many programs with the movie. Last week, he traveled to America for the 7th World Sailor kannada Conference. Shivraj Kumar, wife Geeta Shivraj Kumar and a team of celebrities participated in this convention. Shivraj Kumar was welcomed by a procession. Shivanna Panche Utta had taken great steps. Organized by Kannadigars based in America, this event is full of special features every time. kannada Mela will perform in this program of karnataka and kannada Sogad. Kannadas from America were crowded around Shivraj Kumar. Meanwhile, a tesla electric car with washington dc registration was pointed out to Shivraj Kumar. The reason is that kannada is written in large on the number plate of this car.

Shivraj Kumar was shocked to see this car. The number plate of the car is written in kannada through English. Apart from kannada words, nothing else is visible on the number plate. Not even a number. A photo of Shivraj Kumar surprised to see this car has gone viral on social media. It is a red tesla electric car.

The World Sailor kannada Conference was organized in America for three days. Shivraj Kumar participated in this program as the chief guest.

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