Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha will finally be together for many lifetimes today. There is an

atmosphere of celebration everywhere. Many wedding guests have been spotted at udaipur airport.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Parineeti Chopra’s elder sister, global actress priyanka Chopra.

However, there was speculation that priyanka chopra would not be able to attend the wedding. It

was being told that priyanka is currently busy with some of her old commitments. Because of this

she will not be able to attend her sister’s wedding.

priyanka is enjoying the concert after leaving her sister’s wedding.

But meanwhile, a video of a desi girl has surfaced, which fans will be surprised to see. The actress

in the video was at jai Wolf’s concert last night. Actually, a video of this concert has been shared by

a classical dancer named Husra Khan on her instagram account. While sharing this, he said that he

also got a chance to meet priyanka chopra during this concert. This video is becoming very viral on

social media.

Special message written for sister

Let us tell you that yesterday priyanka had shared a post for Parineeti on her insta story. While

sharing her sister’s photo, she wrote, I hope you will be equally happy and satisfied on your big

day... lots of love always. After Priyanka’s post, speculations have increased that she will not be

able to come to udaipur to attend Parineeti’s wedding.

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