Once more, rumours of Keerthy Suresh's wedding to composer anirudh ravichander are circulating. Anirudh and the National Award-winning actress are reportedly hoping to wed before the end of the year, according to a recent article. But Keerthy's father debunked the myth and provided the truth. The rumours were refuted and verified to be untrue by Keerthy's father, producer-actor G suresh Kumar.

"That is not true in the slightest. None of the reports have even the slightest basis in reality. This is not the first time someone has published a news report about her and Anirudh, and there have been rumours about her being connected to a lot of other people. Keerthy's mother, former actress Menaka suresh, addressed rumours regarding her daughter's supposed marriage to a businessman who was a childhood acquaintance and with whom she was said to have had a ten-year romance earlier this year. Menaka denied these claims.

Nayanthara is followed by Keerthy Suresh. She is making her bollywood debut. Keerthy suresh has agreed to play a role in the "Theri" hindi version of the popular tamil film. The protagonist of the bollywood version is varun Dhawan. The movie's director, Keerthy suresh, has started her work. She is now in mumbai and the filming is going to start.

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