Three weeks of bigg boss show has ended successfully. The fourth week has begun. The nominations process created a rift among the housemates. The fight went to the next level. It is known that singer Damini was eliminated in the third week of bigg boss telugu season 7. In the fourth week, the process of nominations to leave the house has started. The promos for it have been released. Monday's episode was full of nominations. Warmed up the house. In this mainly the arguments between Subha Sri and Rathika went to peak. Also, the arguments between Yawar and gautam krishna went to the point of hitting together. On the other hand, teja played Yavar in a range. They were fired that I would be like this. And in the promos, there was an argument between Rathika and shivaji regarding the sunday episode. Rathika said that Shivaji's statement about clapping only when two hands are joined hurt her a lot. Again and again shivaji stood in that regard.

But he said that he was just joking and joking. Excuse me, should I hold my legs? Shivaji's going to that level and questioning Ratika at that level became a hot topic. After that, the process of nominations started. Each of them has to nominate two of them, which the other two have to accept. Those who have obtained power assistance are exempted from nominations. Shivaji, sandeep and Shobha Shetty acted as judges. In the case of Rathika, Shubha Sri..Nagarjuna nominated her by taking the fact that she had mentioned her ex before. Shubha Sri said that it was as he had said. Rathika reacts to this and gets angry that she heard something she said somewhere that nominating here is not right, it shows your character. Shubha Shree got irritated by this and gave a warning to keep his words under control. But Rathika, who did not decrease.

Amardeep was among those nominated by Shubha Sri. Am I not doing any work at home? He asked. Amardeep blasted satires saying that you only make chapatis, put up a board saying Shubha Sri Rotis. It is interesting that he revealed something on this occasion. His statement that it was a wrong point to send me out, I am still there even if you all leave is surprising. Shocking everyone. After that, a rift broke out between Yavar and Gautamkrishna. Gautamkrishna said that you came shouting at me and shouted Tu Kyare. For this my character is like this, has my character, my attitude, my anger harmed anyone? Hurt someone? Saying this is my identity, Yavar got fired. gautham asked if it was his identity to hurt others, and the fight between the two went to a peak. From the cage Yavar came on Gautam. At one point it peaked and the whole house went into a frenzy. It got a bit cool when the judges warned.

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