General Maharaja tiger Nageswara Rao marks ravi Teja's debut in all of India, and the trailer has caught the interest of viewers nationwide. music fans were excited by the first track from the movie, Ek Dum Ek Dum. The film's second single, Veedu, received an update from the producers early. According to the poster, the song will show us tiger Nageswara Rao's bulkier side. In the role of tiger Nageswara Rao, ravi teja comes off as a brute. The folks standing behind him and the flames enhance the character.

The second single from gv prakash Kumar, which was published on september 21 and received positive reviews from fans, appears to have been a mass tune after the dance number that made an impression in the first song. The heroines of the film are also played by gayatri Bharadwaj and Nupur Sanon. tiger Nageswara Rao will be featured in an abhishek Agarwal Arts film directed by Vamsee for Dussehra.

The pre-release business of "Tiger Nageswara Rao" is already having an impact on the movie business as the release date approaches. The staggering hype and demand surrounding the film were reflected in the sale of the theatrical rights for this monumental work for an astounding 55 crores a month before the debut. According to reports, the distribution rights were split as follows: 20 crores for Andhra Pradesh, 10 crores for the Nizam area, and a staggering 6 crores for international markets. The fierce battle for the theatre rights both domestically and internationally in the telugu states demonstrates the level of interest and trust in the movie's success.

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