With hit films like kgf and Kantara, renowned South indian production company "Hombale Films" established a name for themselves across India. The most eagerly awaited movie of the year is certainly their forthcoming endeavour, "Salaar." The Prabhas-starring film was scheduled to premiere on september 28th around the globe. In contrast, it was postponed indefinitely owing to unavoidable circumstances.

Prabhas and Prashanth Neel's magnetic chemistry created a tonne of excitement for the movie. No other high-profile movie in any language wanted to compete with Salaar at the box office because of the unparalleled frenzy and publicity surrounding it. Therefore, no blockbuster was planned for release around september 28.

However, the sudden postponement shocked the industry greatly since Salaar prevented several other films from having a perfect release date. Some of the upcoming films would have taken the spot if they had postponed it a few months before. The mess that the Salaar crew made has become a hot topic of conversation worldwide.

Salaar's creators are changing the new release date once again while everyone waits impatiently for an official announcement. Their sluggish methods are causing a lot of uncertainty. There are several rumours that the movie would release on december 22nd after being delayed from september 28th.

But the new release date has not yet been confirmed. This puts the directors of several anticipated blockbusters in various languages in a difficult situation. They are angry with Hombale Films for keeping completely silent and causing a commotion. Other films will schedule their releases if they choose a specific date. A reputable and prominent banner like Hombale Films' lax attitude is completely uncalled for, and the business community disapproves of their poor preparation.


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