Lawrence called  as "Mini Super" for falling at Rajinikanth's feet..?

Raghava lawrence, a tamil actor-director who is preparing for the release of his new supernatural-horror-comedy movie, "Chandramukhi 2," went to meet superstar Rajinikanth and asked for his blessing for the new project. He also expressed his gratitude for "Jailer's" enormous success. The actor-director shared a portion of his encounter with the Superstar on his X wrote: "Hi friends and fans, "Today I met my Thalaivar and Guru @rajinikanth to wish him luck on the success of the jailer blockbuster and to receive blessings for the september 28th release of #Chandramukhi2. I'm overjoyed. He concluded by writing, "Thalaivar is always great. "Guruve Saranam"

The "Don" actor, who was dressed entirely in white, was seen touching Rajinikanth's feet, crouching down, and performing a full namaskaram while the actor was wearing a kurta and dhoti. Rajinikanth smiled and extended his full blessings. Later, after sharing a hug, Rajinikanth and Raghava posed for a picture, with Rajinikanth grinning and Raghava clearly having the time of his life.

The movie "Chandramukhi 2" is a continuation of the original "Chandramukhi," directed by p vasu and starring Rajinikanth. After almost twenty years, the second movie will be released, but it barely has anything to do with the first one. When a family moves into the king's palace, which is haunted by the ghost of the old king's court dancer Chandramukhi, played by kangana ranaut, lawrence -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>raghava lawrence will play Vettiyan, the contemporary version of an old king who was also known by that name.

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