Boyapati consistently makes extravagant films. They avoid mathematics and physics. Everything about the tale, the characters, and the situations makes no sense. The plot of his most recent film, Skanda, follows the same pattern, but it appears that the filmmaker is taking the viewers for granted.

The chief ministers of the two states are depicted as thugs who frequently gather in one place to plan their black money schemes. The pinnacle of everything is the protagonist getting past the chief ministers' security by beating them up on their own to get into their homes and kidnapped their daughters in a helicopter.

The largest comedic moment has both CMs negotiating with a business mogul over a black money transaction. If it's excessive for a young man from a hamlet to take down hundreds of armed thugs with just one weapon, then it goes beyond that for him to escape unharmed. Additionally, there are other bizarre incidents, such as when four evil guys are stabbed with a plough.

The 'wind' effect is a need in boyapati films. The characters will take a step back in amazement as the wind hits them in any moment where the director wants the viewers to feel euphoric or excited. The climax of the impact comes when the protagonist broadcasts his murderous rampage live on television and the villains watching experience the "wind blow effect" as well.

While the variety of choreography in action scenes is thought to be a marketing gimmick to attract audiences, the story and the narrative sometimes lack coherence and logic. Well, individuals who attempt to decipher Skanda's logic or reason may be let down. While many people on social media were speculating about the identity of the film's "Skanda," the filmmaker revealed the existence of "Skanda II" with a flashback to Morocco.

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