Kapil Sharma New Look: kapil sharma shared the video of the new look, and asked the hairdresser- Which country do I look like?

Kapil Sharma Look: comedian kapil sharma has changed his look. She has shared her video in the new look which is going viral.

Kapil Sharma Video

Comedian kapil sharma remains a part of the headlines these days. He is busy preparing for his upcoming project. Kapil keeps entertaining his fans in some way or the other. He remains connected with his fans through social media and keeps giving a dose of comedy from time to time. Kapil has now changed his look for his new project. A glimpse of what he has shown to the fans on social media. In the video, Kapil is seen getting his beard shaped.

Kapil Sharma is seen getting his beard French cut in the video

After which he is seen in a different look. Kapil's video is going viral. While sharing the video, Kapil wrote - Something new is coming for something new. Look change.

The hairdresser asked this thing

In the video, Kapil asks his hairdresser, which country do I look like? His hairdresser replies – Italian sir. Kapil asks have you ever been to Italy? The hairdresser replied - No sir, I have seen the movie Housefull, she had this frenzy in that movie. After that Kapil jokingly asks- Guys, do I look Italian?

Fans commented

Fans are commenting a lot on this post of Kapil. One fan wrote – You look like an inspector with Motu Patlu. While the other one wrote – Don't know the country but you are looking very good. Kapil had recently gone on a US live tour. Where the entire team of The kapil sharma Show went with Kapil. Pictures and videos of Kapil's US tour went viral on social media. Kapil recently came from a trip to Bengaluru with archana Puran Singh.

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