Sridevi's suspicious death...Truth revealed by boney Kapoor..!?

Even after 5 years of Sridevi's death, her death is still raising many doubts. In february 2018, when she went to dubai, she fell into a hotel bathtub and died. This caused quite a stir. After that, there were many reports that her death was suspicious and that boney kapoor had killed her for the insurance money. Sridevi's husband, who was tight-lipped about it then, has now explained it for the first time. She said that many people said without conscience that he had killed his beloved wife. Even the dubai government interrogated him for 48 hours with that in mind. A fact-finding test was also taken. That moment was very painful for him. But when the investigation was over and the test results came, it was revealed that it was not a planned murder but an unexpected death. Only then did the government allow his body to be brought back to India.However, there is such an accusation against him. sridevi fainted due to her low bp problem. Because she does not eat properly to keep her body always thin. She didn't listen even when doctors advised her about it. He also shared the fact that many times she passed out at home without a proper diet. With this, the reason for Sridevi's death has come to light.

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