Sankranti is two months away, but the race have just begun. All the star heroes are competing with each other. No hero in kollywood is backing down. They are getting ready to do well at the box office as a holiday target. In this context, if the uncle and daughter from kollywood are on one side, the son-in-law is the only one who is getting ready to face them both. Are you a box office hero? 

The producer gave a crazy update Superstar Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya's 'Lal Salaam' is being released as a Sankranthi gift. In this, vishnu vishal played the role of the hero, but Rajinikanth also played a key role, so the expectations are high. Rajni's getup is already creating excitement among the fans. The promotional images are raising the expectations of the movie. 

With this, speculations have started about what kind of records Lal Salaam will set at the box office. Dhanush's Captain Miller is also releasing at the same time. This is a Pan india film that is being released by Dhanusha. It is also the first big budget film in his career. kannada superstar Shivraj Kumar is playing a key role. Expectations are sky high with the promotional images that have already been released. 

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