Twinkle Khanna has claimed karan johar charges up to Rs 1 crore for events, this includes birthday parties for children. The shocking claim was made when Twinkle sat down for an interview with karan during her book launch when she teased him for charging a whopping sum to attend parties. During their banter, karan confirmed he has been invited to children’s parties and even said he has been asked to host rapid fire rounds at the parties.

“What would you prefer, bestselling author, or a critically acclaimed one with no sales at all?” karan asked Twinkle, as reported by The indian Express. Twinkle said, “I want to be karan johar with my own show, where I make so much money, and I also go to people’s birthday parties and they give me a crore for that.” karan was shocked by her answer and took a moment to come up with a response.

“Are you speaking to my agency, by any chance? Are they divulging details they’re not supposed to? I’ve been invited to various events, including children’s birthday parties, to play rapid fire. And I’ve accepted that invite,” karan replied. Twinkle teased him, “I think that’s really good. My husband says he’ll go for anything, including mundans.” karan agreed and said, “Your husband and I think alike. I’ve been to a child’s birthday party where the child was, lo and behold, two years old. There wasn’t much of an interaction.”

Twinkle announced her new book last month. Taking to Instagram, she shared the cover of the book and wrote, “Welcome to Paradise, my 4th book, is a collection of stories that explore the depths of heartbreak, relationships, and deception. Some of these characters have lived inside my head for the last five years, and now they are ready to meet all of you:)”

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