The fortunes of anjali Arora, popularly known as raw Almond girl, are at their peak these days. 24 year old Ajali

Arora has bought her own house in Mumbai. Now she will completely shift to Mumbai.

Kachha Badam girl bought a luxurious house in Mumbai

Recently, anjali has performed seven Griha Pravesh pujas with her family. A video of this has surfaced on social

media, which is going viral. In the video, the actress is seen worshiping with her parents. During this time, the

actress is seen in a simple pink colored salwar suit.

Anjali Arora got trolled

The luxurious house of the actress can be seen in the background of the video. In such a situation, when social

media users noticed anjali Arora’s house, they started trolling her fiercely. There has been a flood of different

types of comments on the video.

People asked- where did so much money come from?

Many people have raised questions about this new house of anjali Arora. people say how did anjali Arora get so

much money? One user wrote in the comment, What kind of job does she do that she gets so expensive? So

another user said, By the way, where does she earn from? In such a situation, anjali Arora is now being trolled

fiercely on social media.

Anjali Arora Controversy

Let us tell you that after anjali Arora’s MMS was leaked, she came into limelight. Apart from this, Kachcha

Badam girl was also in the news for her relationship with Munnawar Farooqui in Lock Up Show.

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