It is known that shahrukh khan shook india with the successes of Pathan & Jawaan. Everyone is confident that he will once again show his strength at the box office as a hat-trick hero after getting a hit with ``Dunki''. rajkumar hirani being the director is equally confident in the content but looking at the latest scene, it seems that ``Dunki'' is limited to bollywood only. It doesn't look like this movie is being released in pan India.

 All the promotional films that have been released so far have been limited to hindi only. They are not dubbed in any other language. There were no reports of the film being translated. So it seems that the release of this movie is only in Hindi. The release time is also getting closer. Only 15 days left. This gap is not enough time for dubbing. So it seems that ``Dunki'' is limited to North India. 

In this context some interesting points are coming to the fore. The campaign is coming to the screen that the content will be connected only to the states of the hindi region. Even Hirani's films have not been translated so far. In the past, ``Three Idiots'' directed by Hirani was remade but not translated. Dunki seems like that kind of film. But leaving pan india unconnected? That means Hirani seems to be targeting only one section of audience. 

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