Bhuvan Bam: bhuvan Bam broke his silence on buying a luxurious bungalow worth Rs 11 crore in Delhi, said - 'Oh no... it is wrong'

Actor, YouTuber, and comedian bhuvan Bam remains popular on social media. bhuvan became famous overnight with his comic videos. The news was coming that bhuvan Bam had bought a luxurious bungalow in Delhi, which is worth Rs 11 crore. Now bhuvan Bam has revealed this. Giving information about this, the YouTuber said that there is no truth in this. bhuvan said that he had bought the bungalow, but there is no truth in the claims that it is worth Rs 11 crore.

Bhuvan Bam was surprised how the news of his new house got leaked online. He said in a recent conversation, 'Oh no, it is wrong. Yes, I have found the house. I don't know how this news came out. I didn't know. I was very scared because I didn't even tell people in my family. After the news came out he called me. I don't know what to tell them.

On purchasing the house, the BB Ki Vines star said that it was a good feeling. He said, 'But materialistic things don't excite me much anymore. A house is something I have always wanted, to have a house for myself. It's a feeling I can't explain in words. This is something I want to live with for the next year and a half, I want to make it. I want to keep it as private as possible.

30-year-old bhuvan was initially popular for his viral videos and for a long time, he was known by the name 'Bibi Ki Vines' instead of his real name. bhuvan Bam has over 26 million subscribers on YouTube thanks to his popular comedy channel, BB Ki Vines.

Apart from comedy, bhuvan Bam has also made a career in acting and music. He is a singer and songwriter. He has sung the songs Rahguzaar, Ajnabee, Safar, and Sang Hoon Tere. He has also done short films and web series. bhuvan was seen in the web series 'Taaja Khabar'. The show emerged as one of the most popular shows of 2023. Season 2 of 'Taaja Khabar' will come soon.

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