Did anushka sharma Get Angry During Ind Vs Pak t20 Match? Viral Video Suggests So

Fans are worried about anushka Sharma's anger during the india vs pakistan world cup match.

New York's Nassau County cricket Ground hosted the t20 world cup 2024 match between india and pakistan, and anushka sharma was there to enjoy the game. cricket fans everywhere rejoiced after India's historic victory, but anushka Sharma's actions during the match have since gone viral, prompting discussions about her behavior. In a viral video, the actress looked visibly angry while chatting with someone.

One fan in the VIP section recorded anushka sharma furiously yelling at a guy and gesturing towards something behind them. anushka was seen in a close-up in the footage shot from the seating area. Even though we don't know what exactly made the actress so furious, we can tell from the video that she was agitated about something.

Anuska wore a blue oversized top over a white tee and pulled her hair into a ponytail.

Curious followers flocked to the comment area when the video became viral online. 

A user questioned, "Kispe gussa ho rahi hai." Someone also commented, "Aggressive h bhai Virat se bhi jadha."

One supporter said in defense of Anushka, “Humans can be happy and aggressive both… we all do so what’s the big deal here!”

Anushka Sharma Posed With Dhanashree

Anushka Sharma was later spotted rejoicing and posing with the wives of other indian players.

After India's t20 world cup victory over pakistan on june 9, anushka appeared for a group photo with Ritika Sajdeh, who is Rohit Sharma's wife, and Dhanashree, who is Yuzvendra Chahal's wife. Dhanashree posted an instagram snap of anushka smiling broadly as she posed with other guests.

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