Ajay-Tabu's romantic chemistry touched hearts!!!

Fans love the on-screen pairing of ajay Devgan and Tabu. Both have worked together in many hit films and once again the superb chemistry of ajay and tabu is going to be seen in a romantic musical drama. Yes, this time this pair is coming to rock the screen with an epic love story named "Auron Mein Kaha Dum Tha". This film has already created a lot of buzz with its interesting teaser. Now increasing the excitement of the fans, the trailer of this most awaited film of Ajay-Tabu has also been released today.

The trailer of "Auron Mein Kaha Dum Tha" is very spectacular

In 'Auron Mein Kaha Dum Tha', once again ajay Devgan and tabu are coming to rule the hearts of the audience with their strong acting. The trailer of this film has been released today which is very amazing. The trailer starts with two young lovers who are seen looking at the sea with their heads resting on each other's shoulders. A girl's voice comes from the background, Krishna, no one will separate us, right? After this, a boy's voice comes, who says, we checked, no one has been born yet. If anyone even tries, we will set the world on fire.

After this, ajay Devgan appears on the screen, who is seen in a prisoner's dress in jail. ajay Devgan is Krishna, who is in jail 23 years ago for the crime of killing two people. After this, a voice comes, Krishna, you are going to be released tomorrow, but you have filed a petition that your sentence should not be reduced, why... Hearing this, ajay says, Sir, I am not ready to go out. After this, tabu appears on the screen, who looks very upset and says, he is leaving tomorrow, right?

Then, after 22 years, ajay Devgan and tabu come face to face and an emotional song is heard playing in the background. Overall, the trailer tells the story of ajay and Tabu's childhood love, separation and then reuniting. In the trailer, sai manjrekar and Shantuni Maheshwari are seen playing the young age roles of ajay and Tabu. jimmy shergill is also seen in a strong role. The trailer is really heart touching and on top of that, the strong acting of ajay and tabu has taken the excitement level for this most awaited film to its peak.

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