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Satya (Puneeth Singh Ratn), an aspiring Don, enters the scene with different ideology and steps in Mumbai. Confident brainy, Satya is all set to take over the underworld mafia with no big pertinent contact in Mumbai.

In his initial attempts to charm people around him and make his presence felt, our power craved hero assures to solve RK & Businessman Lahote (Mahesh) problem and turns reliable member behind Lahote (Mahesh)’s gang in this process.

Then there is Chitra (Anaika Soti) who loves and romance Satya to the core. The rest is about how Satya transforms local mafia into highly influential Company and how he brings back the frightening mafia into existing using his wit and tact.

Debutant Puneeth Singh Ratn is very mature in actions. RGV made Puneeth suit the character to the tee. He transformed smooth. Other than Puneeth’s character the rest seem to be underdeveloped.

He is the only one carrying most of the film on his shoulders, but when the writer decide to go behind Satya and make company come down the film falls flat. It's those shifts of key that the film takes at times that end up forgetting this otherwise very all right film.

Anaika Soti is sizzling in the songs. Aradhna Gupta reminds us of Sana Khan, but her characterization very limited. Mahesh Thakur, Raj Premi are passable.

The 1998 crime thriller Satya helped director Ram Gopal Varma win six Filmfare awards and now the filmmaker is back with its sequel, Satya 2. The film tells the story of Satya, an immigrant who comes to Mumbai aiming to refashion the Mumbai underworld.

It seems, Varma has planned something different from the first part which was a ground-breaking one in the history of Indian cinema. But here the thread of Satya 2 have its roots in Mahesh Babu’s Businessman. RGV tried to convince audience with the same plot of Businessman in Satya 2. But failed to introduce elements of freshness on screen.

The first half is slow but introduction-interval sequences make some impact, but the second half of the film drags and has many lose ends. It is certain that director RGV has not worked hard in giving some finer points to the script. Film doesn’t have many relief elements in the second half. Banal story is narrated in a timeworn fashion on screen.

Other than Puneeth every other has limited scope to perform on screen. However Anaika ignites in few sequences. Camera work is impressive in a few sequences (Especially Eagle Camera shots), but music is a let-down like the film's script. BGM is very loud. Dialogues are very mediocre. Editing could have been crispier. Action choreography is okay. Production values are very moderate.

Satya 2, a man without a past, comes to the city envisions the rebirth of his company. With such a rehashed story and a hackneyed script, it has been a difficult job for RGV to make a convincing film. He has never bothered to do his homework properly and the result is all there to see.

Puneeth looks deadening in climax scenes and the two heroines make very little impact. RGV’s selection of artists was always perfect, but with this film he has really faltered to a large extent.

On the whole, RGV’s version of Businessman is just an ordinary film and even ardent Ram Gopal Varma fans may feel a great sense of disappointment after seeing this film.

Sharwanand,Anaika Soti,Anjali Gupta,Ram Gopal Varma,M. Sumanth Kumar Reddy,P.ChandrasekarSatya 2 Shatters

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