For allegedly attacking a Muslim man and his family members while screaming "Jai Sri Ram" slogans in narsapur of the medak district lately, police have detained 11 people, including a bjp councilor. The event occurred on May 7 and the charge was filed the same day, but it was only made public on thursday after a video of the incident went popular on Twitter.

According to the footage, a group of men wearing saffrons is seen allegedly attacking Md Imran, 31, his mother, and sister, who subsequently lost a pregnancy. However, the police would not connect the miscarriage to the assault case. Imran was detained as a result of the encounter for attacking one of the defendants earlier in the day. A lawsuit was then brought against the people who attacked him and his family when he was eventually freed on bond.

When called, the narsapur Circle Inspector (CI) reported that Imran, a restaurant employee, and Lingam, a 28-year-old hp gas delivery worker, had gotten into a fight. "To bring an empty petrol cylinder, Lingam was requested. Instead, he delivered one that was full. Due to their argument, Imran struck Lingam with a chappal, according to the CI. Later, Lingam reappeared with other guys wearing saffrons, and they assaulted Imran while yelling "Jai Shri Ram." Goda Rajendar, a councilor for the bharatiya janata party, was also there.

The mother and sister of Imran made attempts to save him. They also came under attack. The miscarriage of Imran's pregnant sister was caused by injuries. rohini Priyadarshini, the superintendent of police (SP) for medak, could not be reached for comment despite many attempts.

After the event, police reported 11 assailants, including the bjp councillor, and Imran. But only Imran was detained. "We also filed a police report against 11 people, and we gave them notice. We even offered advice to both sides and made an effort to find a solution, the CI stated.

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