Despite the fact that the spread of corona virus has slowed in tamil Nadu, the number of RTPCR testing has not, according to health minister Ma Subramanian. minister Ma Subramaniam dedicated the Rs. 1.80 crore extension to the coimbatore Government Hospital's paediatric intensive care section yesterday. Later, he stated, "It is known that oil that has been used before is poisonous. As a result, for the past month, the process of generating bio-diesel by purchasing spent oil from restaurants and hotels has been ongoing throughout tamil Nadu."

So far, 5.51 lakh individuals have been vaccinated in Coimbatore's five mega vaccination centres. So far, 93 percent of people in coimbatore have been vaccinated for the first time. A substantial number of residents in tamil Nadu's coimbatore area have paid the first instalment of the vaccine. Due to the holiday season, the mega vaccination camp will not be held next Sunday. Five vans have been allocated for zone-wise door-to-door immunisation in Coimbatore.

Work will begin in tamil Nadu, the first state, after the central government grants permission to vaccinate youngsters. We anticipate an increase of 800 seats in tamil Nadu Medical Colleges in the near future. As a result, actions have been taken. In tamil Nadu, 342 dengue sufferers are currently being treated. They're all doing nicely. On behalf of local governments, measures have been taken to reduce mosquito production."

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