Warning from PM Modi amid BBC Documentary...

On Saturday, prime minister Narendra Modi claimed that fruitless efforts were being made to 'rift' the nation's citizens. The prime minister called on the populace to stay united for the sake of the nation's "development" while speaking at a National Cadet Corps (NCC) rally in New Delhi.

In order to thwart India's will to advance and its motto of "Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat," numerous arguments are being dredged up and various themes are being scraped...

Despite lakhs of such attempts, they will fail, prime minister Modi declared in the midst of the continuing debate over the BBC documentary that criticised his performance as Gujarat's chief minister during the riots of 2002.

The motto of ekta, according to PM Modi, is our defence against these tries. He emphasized that only through our unity as a nation would we be able to guide the country to new heights in the global system. The way to India's growth must be clear of these obstacles, according to PM Modi, who also urged indians to "live for our country and experience its achievement." The least we can do is this.

PM Modi's call for togetherness comes as a controversy over the BBC documentary on the gujarat riots of 2002 has arisen. students at various schools, including delhi University, TISS Mumbai, and the Opposition parties in certain areas, attempted to broadcast the divisive documentary, which the federal government rejected as "propaganda" and a "reflection of a colonial worldview."

The Center removed the documentary "India: The Modi Question" from social media because it allegedly endangered national security and public order. The government was criticised by the opposition for censoring the documentary and requesting that social media companies take down relevant connections, charging that this amounted to encouraging censorship and stifling dissent.

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