Major factors that could benefit Modi Govt .electorally-P3...

The Modi administration and the bjp are working to build a class of beneficiaries that is as large as possible with the aid of free food for the needy for an additional year, middle-class tax slab exemptions, and affordable housing programmes. In the UP assembly elections, the beneficiary class provided significant support to the BJP.

Continuation from part 2...

7. A plan has been made to set up 157 new nursing colleges in order to take the health sector forward rapidly. A target has been set to make the country anemia free by the year 2047.

8. Apart from making changes in income tax slabs, the limit of Senior Citizen Account Scheme has been doubled to help salaried people and pensioners as well as the elderly. At the same time, an attempt has been made to provide relief to the people getting salary by changing the tax slab.

9. Relief has been given to MSMEs to help the businessmen. Apart from this, the corporate tax has been reduced from 18% to 15%. Let us tell you that the government earns a lot from corporate tax.

10. For development in the field of education, it has been announced to open teacher training centers, to open Eklavya schools in tribal areas, to create wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital libraries in rural areas and to open many other types of schools and colleges.

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