LTTE leader T. Thirumavalavan has said that May 28 will be observed as a black day to protest the opening of the new parliament building on Savarkar's birthday.

Prime minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new parliament Building on the 28th. The Public Interest Litigation filed against this in the supreme court was also dismissed and the disruptions to the opening ceremony were removed. Thirumavalavan has issued a statement against which many parties including national parties and state parties are already protesting, starting with the Congress.

"The bjp government is inaugurating the new parliament building on the birthday of Sanatana Fascist Savarkar, who has nothing to do with parliamentary democracy. This is a huge bow to the country. In order to condemn this, we request on behalf of the Liberation Tigers party that black flags should be hoisted and black clothes should be worn in every house on May 28.

The prime minister himself is opening the new building of the parliament against the Constitution and undermining democracy. Both the President and the Deputy President, who is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, were not invited to the function. Not only that, this program is organized on the birthday of Savarkar, an ardent Sanatana Fascist. It is a planned – deliberate action. If there is political honesty and courage

The bharatiya janata party should have openly announced that they are inaugurating the new parliament building on this day because it is Savarkar's birthday. Reluctance can be seen and the fear of fierce opposition from the democratic forces if they announce it on the one hand makes them act stealthily.

Because it was Savarkar who planted the seeds of the politics of hatred that Hindutva organizations are currently following. His biography is written by dhananjay Gir. In it, he mentioned an event that happened in Savarkar's childhood. He wrote that there was a conflict between Hindus and Muslims in Savarkar's town, and Savarkar, who was a boy, went to the mosque in that town with some other boys and pelted stones, damaging the windows and roof of the mosque.

Apart from that, some boys were recruited in the school and divided them into Muslim team, british team and Hindu team and trained them to fight. dhananjay Khir also said that he fought with Muslim boys who came to school with pen-knives, pins, kundusi etc.

It is evident from this that he has grown up with hatred and hostility towards religious minorities and believes in violence since his childhood. mahatma gandhi was gunned down by Nathuram Godse, inspired by Savarkar's ideology, as he struggled to establish religious harmony - secularism in the country. Savarkar was also accused in the assassination case.

In a letter written by Sardar patel to Nehru on february 27, 1948, he mentioned that the people working under Savarkar were involved in the assassination of mahatma Gandhi. It was the fanatical faction of the Hindu Mahasabha directly under Savarkar that hatched and carried out the conspiracy,” he wrote in it.

He is famous for his letters of apology to the british ruler while he was imprisoned during the british rule. It is an insult to the people of india to open the parliament building, which is considered as the temple of democracy, on the birthday of such a person.

In order to condemn this, on May 28, when the new parliament building will be inaugurated, we request all the Liberation Tigers of india to hoist the black flag in their homes and wear black clothes. We request the democratic forces who are in agreement with this to come forward and register their condemnation," he said.

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