Bamaka leader Anbumani Ramadoss has insisted that the tamil Nadu government should take strict measures to protect the natural resources.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, "A gang led by Narasinghapuram panchayat president Maheswaran attacked Revenue Inspector Prabhakaran who was trying to stop the illegal sand robbery in Narasinghapuram panchayat Pachamalai, which is part of Thardiyur panchayat Union of Trichy District. Continued attacks on officials are condemnable.

Lourdes Francis, a village administration officer who was active against sand robbery in Murappanadu area of Tuticorin district, was hacked to death in his office last month. Before the resulting tension subsided, a gang of sand smugglers chased and killed Vinodkumar, the administrative officer of the village, for taking action against those involved in sand robbery in Manatal village of salem district's Omalur circle.

A revenue inspector who stopped red sand smuggling was brutally attacked at a time when the village administration officers were demanding that they be provided with guns for their protection, claiming that their lives were being threatened by sand smuggling gangs.

The looters of natural resources including sand in tamil Nadu are crawling without any fear; These events show that the authorities who want to protect natural resources should be scared. This has proved that the tamil Nadu government and the police have not taken strict action against those involved in sand robbery in the past and those who attacked the officers who stopped the sand robbery. This is not good for tamil Nadu.

DMK panchayat president Maheswaran and three others have been arrested for assaulting a revenue inspector in Thardiyur area. This is not enough. They should be jailed under gangster law. government of tamil Nadu should take strict measures to protect the natural resources to the extent that sand robbers have the fear that if they engage in sand robbery or lay hands on the officials who stop it, the government machinery will not leave us alone. The government should also take steps to provide quality medical care to revenue inspector Prabhakaran who was injured in the attack," it said.

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