Today in Karumathur near Usilambatti, All india Agricultural workers Union and Marxist Communist party held a settlement protest on Panchami land. Hundreds of people participated in the protest.

3 acres of land in Karumathur panchayat plot no:229/2 of Usilampatti circle of madurai district was Panchami land reserved for socio-economic development of Adi Dravidian people. In 2005, Usilampatti Kotakshiyar ordered to change it from panchami land to 'settled government fallow land'. The order issued by the government to convert the Panchami land given to the Adi Dravidians into barren land should be cancelled. A protest was held in Karumathur on behalf of the Agricultural workers Union and the Marxist party to settle on Panchami land, insisting on the demands of converting it back into Panchami land and giving free house land to the poor Adi Dravida people who are homeless.

It was presided over by S. Shankar, State Secretary of the Agricultural workers Union, and K. Rajendran, Suburban district Secretary of the Communist party of india, presided over it. Hundreds of people participated in it. In this regard, Usilampatti district commissioner and police held talks with the protestors. As they promised to bring it to the attention of the government and take action, they temporarily postponed the protest and dispersed. In this, district President J.Kashi, district Secretary V.Umamakeswaran, Deputy Secretary So.Pandyan, Union President Ravi, Treasurer Muniandi, district Committee Member Jayamani and many others participated.

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