The police department denied permission to those who tried to come on foot and petition the collector to remove the garbage dump in Punalkadu village. Thus the Tiruvannamalai - Vellore road became a battleground.

Garbage dump has been set up at the foothills of Moolakunnu in Punalkadu village next to Tiruvannamalai with the permission of district collector P. Murukesh. In protest against this, the villagers, farmers and the tamil Nadu Farmers Association started a protest on kanchi Road on the 13th. The district administration did not notice their struggle.

Subsequently, the tamil Nadu Farmers' Association announced that a massive walk would be undertaken from Punalkadu village towards the Thiruvannamalai district Collectorate on May 29. The police refused to grant permission. The protest group clearly stated that they will defy the ban and take a walk. Accordingly, people gathered in Punalkadu village today.

Subsequently, the police force was concentrated in Punalkadu village under the leadership of Additional SP Palani. Long distance walking will not be allowed and they will be allowed to walk from the Tiruvannamalai Anna entrance gate to file a petition with the collector. Accepting the request of the police, more than 250 villagers, farmers and members of the tamil Nadu Farmers' Association gathered near the Anna entrance under the leadership of tamil Nadu Farmers' Union State President P. Shanmugam.

District Superintendent of police K. karthikeyan held talks with state president P. Shanmugam and other administrators and insisted on abandoning the decision to walk. As no agreement was reached, the police department warned that they would not be allowed to go on a walk and that they would be arrested.

Enraged by this, the villagers and farmers pushed aside the barricades at Anna's entrance gate and marched towards the Collectorate. women went on a walk with children and boys protesting against the police. As the police tried to stop them, both sides were pushed and shoved. tamil Nadu Farmers Union state president B. Shanmugam and other officials were surrounded by the police. This was condemned.

Moreover, no agreement was reached in the negotiations conducted by Deputy Superintendent of police Gunasekaran to call off the protest. After this, B. Shanmugam and others participated in picketing at the entrance gate of Anna.

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