Suspected Russian spy whale..!?

Sweden has complained that russia is training a whale to spy on them in Norwegian waters. Rumors of Russian spies have been terrorizing its neighbors since World war II. In that way, a Russian spy whale that threatened sweden four years ago has come back to threaten Sweden. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin is a former spy for the country. Since he became Russian president, Russian intelligence has reportedly grown in strength. sweden believes that the beluga is a Russian spy. The spy whale is one of the largest species of whales that can often be found in deep seas. It is very rare to see this type of beluga whale close to a shallow coastal area. In this case, it is said that a white whale in the coastal areas of sweden is a threat to the security of the country.On Sunday, the whale was spotted at Hannebostrand on Sweden's southwest coast. Thus, the Swedish side suspects that Russian intelligence has put the whale on patrol to spy on Sweden's coastline. This whale, which was previously seen in Swedish waters in 2019, has been seen again after 4 years. The white whale, named Hvaldimir, is wearing a pet collar. This is why sweden says it is a Russian spy whale. The whale spotted in Norwegian waters is believed to be 13-14 years old, the Russian navy is training and using the whale for spying, and sweden claims the whale has a secret camera attached to its neck strap. But it is noteworthy that no official response has been received from the Russian side regarding these allegations.

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