Anam Venkata ramana Reddy, the TDP's leader, was assaulted on Sunday. reddy was riding his bike back from the RTA office in nellore when the event happened. A stick attack on bikes was attempted by about ten people. The CCTV-captured footage is currently going viral on social media, and many are criticising the ycp administration for their illegitimate leadership.
The assailants left the area when the tdp employees reacted. Anam singled out the ycp in his harsh condemnation of the affair. He vented his ire at the predicament. He asserted that the army of YSRCP goons wouldn't frighten anyone in this area. He also issued a warning, directing the police to pursue those guilty for the attack right now. In addition, he issued a warning that failure to act might result in future street battles that could endanger public safety. He also stated categorically that they will keep up the fight against the crimes of the YCP.

For the past several days, Anam Venkata reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramana reddy has been levelling serious accusations against Jagan's administration. Anam Venkata ramana Reddy, according to tdp members, is being targeted by irate ycp goons because he is pointing out Jagan's administration's flaws. According to reports, people contacted the police and gave them information about the assault on Venkata ramana Reddy. Kilari Venkataswamy Naidu and other tdp officials and party members visited Venkata ramana Reddy's home and inquired about his health after learning about the event.

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