The Rachakonda traffic police were ordered to stop intimidating worshippers in the vicinity of temples, in the neighbourhoods of Yadagirigutta, and on the road leading to the temple by the vishwa Hindu Parishad. "Devotees travelling to the holy places are in excruciating anguish as a result of traffic challans. Even though they are telling the police that they are headed to a temple, the devotees are not being allowed to go, according to Pagudakula Balaswamy, a campaigner with the vishwa Hindu Parishad.

He chastised the police for failing to notice that non-Hindus are using the main highways and setting up shop on the pavements. They requested that individuals who were clogging up the roadways be taken off of them. He said that the traffic police are causing a climate of fear among the faithful, preventing them from visiting the temples. Devender Singh Chauhan, the commissioner of the Rachakonda police, was contacted by the vishwa Hindu Parishad and asked for a prompt reaction and action on this matter.

A term sheet was signed between Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels and Laxmi Nivasam Developers to build a four-star hotel in Yadgirigutta, telangana, as the state government of telangana promotes temple tourism there. Speaking about the partnership, rajendra prasad of the Laxmi Nivasam Developers stated that they would build a 400 luxury suite-room hotel that will be run by Park Hotels together with Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, which manages The Park branded five-star hotels. 140 apartments will be finished in the first phase of development, which will start in march 2022, according to a press statement.

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