Reportedly anger has increased against the action of the railway staff who removed the garbage from the train carriage and spilled it on the railway track and the corridor. After the video went viral, the department took action. indian Railways has seen a significant change in the last few years. Many systems have improved including new train, better service, online booking. But some time consciousness and diligence in the matter of cleanliness has changed. Another example is available. The staff who were cleaning the carriages in the moving train, threw many garbages including plastic bottles directly outside the train. This video has gone viral.

After this, the railway department has taken action. Despite many awareness programs including the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, the government staff are neglecting it, which has led to the outrage of many. The video has gone viral on social media. In this video, railway staff are engaged in cleaning work in the carriage of a moving train. Garbage lying everywhere, including the seat of the train, was removed and thrown directly outside. Garbage was thrown outside while the train was moving. This garbage is spilled on the railway track and the environment. Many people have expressed the opinion that the practice of filling the garbage bag and disposing of it in a proper manner does not seem to be there in the railway department. Tons of garbage in train coaches are being disposed of in a similar way. There are no examples of disposal by cleaning crews of train carriages. The train passengers expressed outrage that this is happening in almost all the trains. He asked who is responsible for this.

Except for Vande Bharat and tejas train, all other trains have the same practice. No one is trying to dispose of the art. There is a discussion on social media about how the railway department can do this by giving a lesson on cleanliness.

After this video went viral, the Central Railway Department responded through Twitter. Give information about this train number and date. We will take action. But the response of the Railway Department has also been criticized. This is not the story of one train but almost the same is happening in L train. Ask the staff you are responsible for cleaning. When asked how many bags of garbage he has collected so far, he lashed out on twitter saying that the answer is zero.

There have been many changes in indian Railways. Many major changes have been made including train electrification and upgradation of services. poster of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will be seen everywhere. But many people have given feedback that only real cleanliness and disposal has not happened till now.

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