The special session has started in the new parliament House and with this, congress leaders are leaving no

stone unturned to corner the bjp government. Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, minister in rajasthan Congress

government, has also made a scathing attack on BJP. He said, 'I believe that the promises made by bjp in its

manifesto - 'No more inflation, this time bjp government'. Now that the government has come, I am hoping

that when they are going to the new parliament building, they should go with new enthusiasm and fulfill all

the promises. There was talk of employment for 2 crore people, the youth are not getting employment, the

youth are very worried.

Pratap Singh Khachariyawas says that if the government is going to the new parliament building, the

government should be seen in a new form, new zeal and enthusiasm should be seen. Results were visible.

Petrol and diesel are getting very expensive, you should make it cheaper. The price of crude oil in the

international market is $90 per barrel and when manmohan singh was in government and sonia gandhi was

the chairperson of UPA, the same price used to be $138 per barrel.

BJP also attacked regarding the price of petrol and diesel.

Rajasthan minister Khachariyawas said, 'Even when the price was 138 dollars, the manmohan government

was selling petrol and diesel below Rs 70 per liter. What did bjp do? Taxes were increased by imposing

excise duty, additional excise duty and cess. Now the prices in the international market are 50 dollars less, if

the indian government wants, it can sell petrol and diesel below 40 rupees. Now liberate the people.

The price on domestic cylinders has been increased by Rs 650-700 and reduced by Rs 200. When we get

relief from inflation, people’s eyes shine. people should get rights, they should get their rights, unemployment

should go away. The promises made should be fulfilled.

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