The X account of donald trump Jr., the eldest son of former US President donald trump, was hacked on

Wednesday (September 20). After this many tweets were posted from his account. These tweets included

many objectionable tweets, one of which was related to the false news of the death of former US President

Donald Trump.

US President Joe Biden was also targeted with the help of tweets made by donald trump Jr’s ex (formerly

Twitter). The post from donald trump Jr’s Official X (formerly Twitter) was shared on his profile on

September 20. His post has been viewed more than 1 lakh 40 thousand times.

I will run for president in 2024

In one of the tweets posted from donald trump Jr’s account, it was written that I am sad to announce that my

father donald trump has passed away. I will run for president in 2024. Although many were convinced that

the account had been hacked, many X (formerly Twitter) users found the news worrying.

The hacking incident not only exposed the vulnerabilities in the online security of micro-blogging platforms,

but also raised concerns about misuse of social media platforms to spread false information and promote

negativity. Although the posts were quickly removed, the incident is a reminder of the challenges associated

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Son of first wife Ivana Trump

donald trump Jr. is the son of donald trump and his first wife Ivana Trump. He has been an active person in

the political and social media fields. They use these platforms to express their views and opinions.

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