A student wrote the song 'Nanu Nandini.. Bengaluriri Bandini..' as an answer in the exam, created by Bengaluru Wikipedia, and netizens asked him to give full marks. The song 'Manu Nandini..Bangaloreuri Bandini.. Pjili Irtini..' has gone viral targeting IT employees in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, known as Silicon City and IT City. However, the song which has created such a viral trend has now been written in the exam answer sheet as well. A copy of the exam answer sheet has gone viral. The song of this young man who has a social media account called Wikipedia in Bengaluru has created a new trend. It is trending more than any other movie song and music, it is being used as a disco song in pubs to make reels, dj song and dance on Ganesha festival. From the movie people, tik tok stars and Reels stars I am Nandini, Bandini Reels are mostly coming to Bangalore. It is now going viral that this song has been written as an answer in the exam answer sheet. Looking at the answer sheet above, it may be difficult to tell which class. But, it can be assumed that it is a biology subject test. In which the student has written the answer to the question in the first two paragraphs and then in the third and fourth paragraphs he has filled the page with the song "I have come to Bangalore". However, the answer sheet did not give any clue as to which class, which school or college, and who is the student.

Nanu Nandini.. the creator of the song, Vicky himself shared this photo, it was Ganpati festival, reels, traffic jam and pubs too. Oh oh oh oh.. what is this.? In the exam he also wrote full air. This song has created a viral trend not only in Bangalore but in the entire country. We have to wait and see what stage it will reach. But only Vicky who created the song is getting famous everywhere.

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