According to Transport minister Puvvada ajay Kumar, the goal of chief minister K chandrasekhar Rao is to provide homes for all of the State's destitute homeless people. Beneficiaries in this area received pattas under GO 58 and sanction orders under the Gruha lakshmi programme on friday from the minister and district collector VP Gautham. He gave 398 beneficiaries pattas and 230 recipients sanction orders.

Speaking to a crowd, he said that chief minister Rao had considered granting the impoverished people residing on government property complete ownership rights so they could live in peace. He said that 3, 253 recipients received pattas in a transparent way after all qualified applicants who filed applications were evaluated based on residential papers from 2014 to 2020.

Similar to that, 2, 000 people in the town have already received double-bedroom homes. Under the Gruha lakshmi initiative, Rs 3 lakh in financial help would be given to 15,000 individuals in the area. The minister said that 3, 000 recipients from each assembly seat will get the financial aid in three payments.

GO 58 pattas were initially distributed in the first phase, with 2016 serving as the cutoff year, according to collector Gautham. The minister ajay Kumar proposed extending the cutoff date to 2020 in order to offer pattas. In the second phase, he claimed, 15,000 applications were submitted. The district, municipal, revenue divisional officials, tahsildars, and collectorate employees took special efforts to conduct the screening procedure in an open and honest manner.

Khammam received the second-highest number of GO 58 pattas in the State, after Hyderabad. Beneficiaries of the Gruha lakshmi programme must begin building right now, and the funds will be put into their bank accounts over the course of three payments, he added.

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