Across all demographics, visitors to telangana, including diplomats, business executives, builders, and politicians, are astounded by the state government's management, speed of growth, and emphasis on building infrastructure. While some business leaders are happy with the quick clearances for the construction of their facilities, others are astounded by how quickly things are moving in Telangana. people from all walks of life are praising the State administration for its accomplishments in several spheres.

Olivier Monin, the chairman of Georges Monin, expressed his admiration for the State government's entrepreneurial spirit and industries minister KT Rama Rao's businesslike demeanour on september 13 while laying the foundation for Monin's R&D centre and first manufacturing facility at Sangareddy. "We toured eight States before deciding on Telangana. However, none of them had a similar spirit. We are here mostly because of your entrepreneurial and business-minded mindset, which we really appreciate, Olivier Monin had said to the Minister.

The telangana government was praised the very next day by the chairman of the Biocon Group, kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, for the incredible ecology and infrastructure it had built in Hyderabad. She stated, "My colleagues inform that Ease of Doing business in telangana is very, very superior compared to many other States," at the groundbreaking ceremony for Syngene Solutions. telangana deserves my gratitude for that.

Additionally, kiran Mazumdar-Shaw had stated that due to the traffic congestion and several other difficulties brought on by poor infrastructure, the ease of living in hyderabad was far better than it was in Bengaluru. According to corporate management, ambassadors from many nations consider hyderabad to be the greatest city.

“Hyderabad is the place to do business!” It was great to be at the official inauguration of Warner Bros. Discovery’s new Global Shared services Centre at the international Tech Park in Hyderabad. This center will employ more than 1200 professionals supporting household names like HBO, CNN, TLC, Discovery, WB, DC Comics, cartoon Network and more!” Jennifer Larson, US Consul General in hyderabad had wrote on X.

Politicians who are on study tours in hyderabad are praising the state administration for implementing best practises in several sectors. DK shiva Kumar, the deputy chief minister of karnataka, and Tushar Girinath, the chief commissioner of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, visited the city's waste-to-energy facility last Saturday. Following the inspection, the deputy chief minister of karnataka expressed his admiration for the waste management procedures, particularly the segregation of garbage and the creation of electricity from waste, among other things.

Former mla and founder of the Lok Satta party Jayaprakash Narayan remarked in an interview with a news outlet that the telangana administration had made an honest effort to build the State and that its dedication to upgrading infrastructure should be commended. In terms of the availability of basic services among all the Metro cities, hyderabad now comes in second to New Delhi, according to Jayaprakash Narayan.

Telangana is operating like a bullet train under the direction of chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, according to maharashtra CREDAI Pramod Khairnar. Additionally, industries minister KT Rama Rao will forward the matter quickly. telangana had seen significant shift since the chief minister assumed leadership in 2014. He said that everything had changed because of peace, law, and order, but more crucially because of the leadership's vision.

The chief minister has omnidirectional vision. In addition to concentrating on certain industries like infrastructure or real estate, Pramod Khairnar has said that he was also more concerned with the welfare of farmers. industries minister KT Rama Rao recalled his conversation with maharashtra CREDAI members during his speech on wednesday at the opening of capital Land's tech park, claiming that they told him telangana was constructing India's answer to Singapore.

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