The women and Children Safety Wing (W&CSW) of Cyberabad police conducted a series of surprise inspections of school buses and drivers in the grounds of different international schools on friday to make sure managements of private schools adhere to safety regulations when transporting children in school buses. According to a press statement from Nitika Pant, DCP (Women and Children Safety Wing) Cyberabad, the W&CSW worked with the traffic department and also held mock drills for school drivers.

The inspection teams looked at the school bus drivers' experience, the "On school Duty" badges on the front and rear sides of the buses, the contact information on the vehicles, and whether or not the bus windows had horizontal grills. First aid kits, fire extinguishers, cameras, the drivers' and conductors' backgrounds and identity cards, valid driver's licences, and any challans against bus drivers were all checked during the inspection of the school buses, the official said. bus drivers with more than two challans will not be permitted to operate school buses, the official added.

Only because fewer than 25% of school buses have the necessary fitness certifications do parents worry about the safety of their children. Only 5,000 of the roughly 20,000 school buses in Greater hyderabad have passed fitness inspections, which raises major questions about their preparedness to transport pupils. Unexpectedly, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) has not sent any reminders to the school administration reminding them to renew the vehicle fitness certifications.

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