The most effective and urgently required effort to protect women and guarantee their safety in the fast expanding metropolis of hyderabad is the SHE teams. They have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness. Additionally, the SHE teams' division performs a fantastic job of increasing public knowledge of the crimes taking place in the city. 
Recently, they used twitter to spread the word about how these offenders sneak into public settings and act inappropriately against women before being caught by the SHE teams. The movie helps spread awareness and create terror in these perpetrators, and it is nothing short of horrifying. You can watch the video below,

Over the last three days, 55 people have been detained by hyderabad police's SHE squads for assaulting and taunting female worshippers at Khairtabad Bada Ganesh. These squads were sent out to keep an eye on the Ganesh pandals and other busy places to stop harassing situations. They detained those who had been exposed to indecent actions, unwanted touching, or stalking of women. Additionally, the SHE teams gathered video documentation of these instances.
"With video proof, the squads in Bada Ganesh, Khairatabad, arrested 55 people over the course of three days. These people were engaging in improper behaviour while taking advantage of the packed situation where women are involved in religious activities and queuing up, according to the DCP SHE teams. The offenders are from a variety of occupations, including vehicle drivers, personnel in the commercial sector, and even government workers. They were found guilty of embarrassing ladies by touching them inappropriately and making indecent gestures and statements.

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