Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj party (SBSP) President Om Prakash Rajbhar, who reached Balrampur in

Uttar Pradesh, has protested against giving the benefit of reservation to DM, SP, DIG, DGP and

Minister. He said that today there are DM, SP, DIG, DGP and ministers in the country, why does he

need reservation. baba Saheb Ambedkar had given reservation for those who are at the back end.

But today only those who got reservation are taking the benefits of reservation.

On this occasion, Rajbhar also protested against the indecent remarks made by bjp mp Ramesh

Vidhuri in the lok sabha on BSP mp Danish Ali. He said that we are not in favor of such

statements. This kind of language should not be used. He said that an apology has been made on

this matter by senior bjp leader and Defense minister Rajnath Singh, hence now no question

remains because no one can be hanged.

What is Rajbhar's opinion on the Women's Reservation Bill?

Rajbhar also said on the Women's Reservation Bill that it was pending for the last two decades but

PM Modi has made a new beginning by implementing it. He said that just as General, Backward

and Scheduled Castes get reservation in panchayat elections, the same system should be made here

also. Rajbhar said that there are many processes in women's reservation. First there will be a survey,

investigation, then the reservation system will be implemented. He said that since he is in NDA, he

is trying to put forward this point on behalf of his party.     

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