Akarshana Satish, a Hyderabadi student in Class 7, has won the admiration of prime minister Narendra Modi for encouraging youngsters to develop the habit of reading books by creating libraries. The 11-year-old, who attends hyderabad Public School, manages seven children's libraries spread around the city. Over 6,000 volumes may be found in her library.

On Sunday, the prime minister discussed her efforts in his monthly radio show Mann Ki Baat. Akarshana donated a library consisting of children's books to the MNJ cancer Hospital in 2021 so that the children receiving treatment there might pass their time productively.
 When Akarshana went to the hospital with her parents, she was inspired. She was requested for colouring pages by the kids. She was moved by this and made the decision to establish the first children's library at the same hospital by collecting books from neighbours and family members.

She spent a year gathering 1,036 books in Telugu, English, and hindi to establish the library and give the kids something to do as they through the torturous treatment cycles. The student established six other children's libraries in various locations. She was hailed as an inspiration by the prime minister. One of the libraries in the Girls Juvenile Home, which is managed by the Department of Women's Development and Child Welfare, was established by the girl. Inauguration of the 625-book library took place in April. Akarshana has received praise from a number of senior authorities, including Additional DGPs swati Lakra and Shikha Goel and director General of police Anjani Kumar.

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