The political agitation created in tamil Nadu has now put delhi leaders to sleep. Tired of annamalai, tamil Nadu's AIADMK has now officially broken its alliance with the bjp and walked out of the nda fold. annamalai, who took over as the tamil Nadu bjp President, has changed the direction of the political struggle in tamil Nadu. tamil Nadu, which found its political life in the Dravidian struggle and the tamil struggle, is now sounding the trumpet of development and Hinduism. This gives a blow to the ideology of the Allies. AIADMK has now officially ended its alliance with bjp after condemning Annamalai's statement. Not only that, the nda has walked out of the party. Ahead of the lok sabha elections, the nda group faced a shock. The dream of winning the highest seat in South india has suffered a severe blow. Today the All india Anna Dravid Munnetra Kalagam (AIADMK) held a district level meeting with its party MPs, MLAs and leaders and announced an important decision. AIADMK leader KP Munuswamy has announced the decision to break the alliance. Chiefly Annamalai's behaviour, AIADMK founder leader Anna said it was unforgivable. Recently, bjp President annamalai during a speech in coimbatore DMK founder former chief minister C.N. Annadurai spoke disparagingly of Sanatana Dharma. He also said that he was against Sanatan Dharma. Reacting to this, AIDMK leaders said, 'Annamalai is constantly criticizing and insulting party leaders. This will lead to a rift between the bjp and Anna ADMK. He shows disrespect to the elders of the state in promoting his personal charisma. This is intolerable. We are not in alliance with bjp as of now. He said that this will be considered during the upcoming elections. Now an official statement has been made that the alliance has been broken after holding a meeting within the party.

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