BRS working president and minister KT Rama Rao issued a warning amid rumours of a potential decrease in the number of South indian States represented in the parliament, stating that such a move might spark a strong people's movement. If the voices and representatives in the parliament are silenced, he claimed, the people would not watch helplessly.

He was responding to a post on the social media site 'X' by the independent organisation indian Tech and Infra, which cited a media article and suggested that the number of seats in South indian States may be declining. He voiced extreme worry about the possible effects of these developments.

If the figures stated are accurate, this delimitation will spark a powerful people's movement throughout Southern India. We are all proud indians and ambassadors for India's top-performing states. If the voices and representation of our people in the nation's highest democratic forum are silenced, we won't stand by and do nothing. Rama Rao expressed the hope that delhi will listen and that wisdom would triumph. Asaduddin Owaisi, the head of AIMIM, echoed similar sentiments when he remarked, "South india is sitting on a Powder Keg as far as Delimitation is concerned."

The allocation of seats is typically done in accordance with population, and the delimitation of the constituencies is slated to be done in 2026. The South indian States, which have effectively stopped the population growth that may lead to a drop in the overall number of lok sabha seats and the corresponding assembly seats, are now very concerned about this.

If the assessment was accurate, tamil Nadu, Telangana, and andhra pradesh together, along with Kerala, would each lose eight lok sabha seats. odisha will have to give up two lok sabha seats, while karnataka would lose two seats and West bengal would lose three. But states with large populations, such Uttar Pradesh (11 seats), bihar (10), rajasthan (6), and madhya pradesh (4), are likely to win additional seats. As a result, the South indian States have been pressing for a change in the delimitation criterion.

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