Governor tamilisai soundararajan, who frequently uses the prestigious raj bhavan as a location for her attempts to score political points over the State government, was once again met with a harsh backlash on tuesday for her most recent act of rejecting the State Cabinet's nominations for Legislative Council members under the Governor's quota. However, this time, Soundararajan is also perceived as exaggerating her justifications for the denial and, in the process, achieving a self-goal by challenging the political affiliations of those in the positions up for nomination.

When the governor deemed Dasoju sravan and Kurra Satyanarayana "unfit" for the MLC positions due to their political affiliation, BRS working president KT Rama Rao hit the nail on the head since, if that was to be taken into consideration, the governor herself was unfit to remain in her position. Speaking to the media on tuesday at telangana Bhavan, Rama Rao criticised the Governor's demeanour and stated that the State cabinet had chosen two people with a proven track record of public service and social action, hoping for a favourable response from the Governor.

He noted that sravan and Satyanarayana were from underrepresented groups and questioned Soundararajan's reasoning for rejecting their nominations. "If she really considered the issue from the heart, this would not have been the outcome," he added. Satyanarayana was from the Erukala community and had experience as a national trade union leader, in contrast to Dasoju sravan, a professor with an admirable history of community service. He said that both were suitably competent for the jobs for which they were put out.

The minister noted that the narendra modi administration has chosen to go against the Sarkaria Commission's advice that active politicians not be nominated as governors. "She stated in her letter that we shouldn't select anyone with ties to politics. I want to question her whether she wasn't a politician before she started serving as governor. She presided over the bjp in tamil Nadu. She said it was unsuitable. Who doesn't fit? You? Modi? or your event? What is your issue if we wish to elect these two candidates as MLCs even if they come from underdeveloped communities? The government has the right to do so. We vehemently condemn the governor's behaviour," he declared.

Rama Rao repeatedly poked holes in Soundararajan's explanation for political alignment by citing instances in which the Modi administration appointed bjp leaders to Legislative Councils in various States and nominated politicians like Jyothiraditya Scindia to the rajya sabha under the President's quota. As national parties, the congress and the bjp collaborated on similar appointments throughout States.

He reiterated his concerns about the role of Governors in general and whether they were necessary in the nation's current political system, especially when they were impeding the operations of elected governments and casting doubt on their decisions, echoing the public sentiment that the Modi government was undermining democracy by appointing political leaders as Governors who were acting like agents of the Prime Minister.

"Prime minister Modi is preoccupied with eradicating names and institutional structures, claiming that they are colonial. The governor must abolish his system since it is also colonial, he said, adding that the BRS will pursue all available avenues to secure approval for Dasoju sravan and Kurra Satyanarayana's nomination.

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