In hyderabad, there is a sizable number of young couples with small children as well as teenagers. Even though they have already been to most sites, they usually plan weekend excursions since they are constantly looking for new spots to discover in the city. This explains why they were so excited to hear that IKEA, a well-known multinational furnishing company, had built a location in the city. The joy they generated filled the streets of Gachibowli.

They reacted similarly exuberantly when they learned that the Durgam Chervu bridge was opened.  They now know that the well-known LULU Shopping Mall, well-liked by gulf residents, has opened its first location in kukatpally, Hyderabad. Due to gandhi jayanthi falling on Monday, this fervour fell within a long weekend. As a result, there has been an unusual increase in traffic on the roads leading to LULU Mall in kukatpally during the previous three days.

There have been many remarks and objections made about the eager families that came to the recently completed mall, causing significant traffic congestion and road closures.  The ordinary person, however, rarely thinks about the bigger picture and instead concentrates mostly on making their family happy. They don't realise the timing might not have been great until they are caught in traffic.

Given the historical events involving IKEA and the Durgam Chervu Flyover, it is the responsibility of the police to anticipate such large traffic influxes and take preventative steps to minimise traffic delays. It is hoped that moving forward, the hyderabad traffic authorities will proactively implement measures and work with the general public and store owners to ensure the smooth operation of the system, without upsetting the city's residents. The traffic police did intervene once the roads were already crowded.

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