Senior lawyer N.R. Elango has said that he has the power to grant bail to minister Senthil Balaji. minister Senthil balaji was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate on june 14 in the case of illegal transactions. The madras high court rejected the bail plea filed by him, who is lodged in Puzhal Jail in Chennai. Against this, an appeal was filed in the supreme court on his behalf. During the trial, a request was made to grant bail to minister Senthil balaji considering his condition as he has undergone bypass surgery. However, the supreme court refused to grant bail on medical grounds.

Further, the supreme court has directed to approach the trial court seeking regular bail and if the bail is rejected there, appeal to the High Court. In this situation, DMK mp and senior lawyer NR Elango has said that there is a possibility to grant bail to minister Senthil Balaji. He said, "If a person who is in jail on the basis of illegal money transfer law wants bail, he must submit evidence to prove to the court that he has not committed any crime." At the same time, the rule is relaxed if he is ill. That is why we asked for bail on medical grounds. Since the court is not satisfied with it, they have asked to appeal to the lower courts.” said.

“If the court had considered that there was no reason to grant bail, it could have dismissed it. But since there is a possibility to grant bail without making an application, they have advised to go to the lower court and ask according to the merits.” NR Elango also pointed out. Also, there is evidence that the case related to Senthil balaji was registered based on false evidence. He said that we will file it when seeking bail according to merits.

Earlier, the madras high court had ordered an interim stay on the summons sent by the Enforcement Department to the district Collectors to appear for the investigation related to the sale of illegal sand. At the same time, it has been informed that there is no obstacle to the investigation. Speaking about this, N.R. Elango accused the AV Union government of raiding the enforcement department to tarnish the DMK government. The Enforcement Department has registered a case in the sand quarry case on the basis of fake evidence. The enforcement department can investigate only if an FIR has been registered in a sand mining case. Why were the allegations against them not investigated when AIADMK was in power? He also questioned.

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