bjp is considering the victory in rajasthan, madhya pradesh and chhattisgarh as Modi magic. elections for Lok

Sabha and haryana assembly are to be held next year. In such a situation, the demand for holding lok sabha and

assembly elections simultaneously has started rising from the bjp organization and the Manohar Lal Khattar

Government. elections for the 18th lok sabha are likely to be held in May and haryana assembly elections to be

held in November. In such a situation, now encouraged by the victory of bjp in three states, the Khattar

government and the organization are in favor of prematurely dissolving the assembly and holding elections.

bjp has got big victories in madhya pradesh, rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. bjp did not give any cm face in these

three states only. elections were fought only on the face of PM Modi. During the election campaign, PM Modi

himself asked Kamal to vote. Now the wish of haryana bjp is also that it should contest elections on the face of

PM Modi instead of the face of cm, so that its party gets votes in the lok sabha and assembly in the name of PM

Modi, so that it can also win in the state like these three states. Can form bjp government.

What is the reason for haryana BJP's tension?

Actually, bjp has been running the government in haryana for 10 years, but in the 2014 elections, bjp had formed

the government with full majority. bjp suffered a setback in the year 2019, when it got only 40 seats and needed

46 seats to form the government. In such a situation, he had to form an alliance with JJP. In exchange of JJP's

alliance, apart from the post of Deputy cm, he also had to give two ministerial posts. In such a situation, the status

of alliance with JJP in the upcoming assembly elections is not clear. If there is no alliance with JJP then the

problems may definitely increase a bit.

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