Arvind Kejriwal's big statement, I will be in jail on june 4...'

Political activity is intense in punjab regarding the lok sabha elections. Meanwhile, delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal, while addressing the workers in Amritsar, said that they were being monitored 24 hours through CCTV in the jail. He said, "CM bhagwant mann used to come to meet me in jail. Jail administration officials used to allow them to meet from the other side of the mesh. My insulin was stopped. My sugar had increased. There were two CCTV cameras installed in the cell I was in. There, I was being completely monitored. One of its broadcasts was in PMO. There it is also seen what kejriwal is doing? How would you feel if your life was monitored 24 hours a day?

Arvind kejriwal said, "There are less than 10 days left for the punjab elections. You have to work hard. You have to win 13 out of 13 lok sabha seats. You have to surrender on june 2. I will go back to jail. There on june 4, when When the results are coming, I will be very happy to know that aam aadmi party will win 13 seats in Punjab. He said, “I missed you guys a lot in jail. Today MP, mla and councilor are all present here. As soon as I came out of jail, I told sandeep Pathak that I wanted to meet my people from punjab and Delhi. There is no agenda. Want to meet everyone. I feel like hugging everyone. cm bhagwant mann Saheb used to come to meet him in the jail there. He used to tell that everyone is missing you." Voting took place on May 25 on all 13 seats of Punjab. Here AAP is competing with Congress, bjp and Akali Dal.

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