Even after complete victory in MP, tension may increase! 

The third term of Modi government has started. All the ministers in PM Modi's new cabinet have taken charge and are busy working. Two big faces were seen in PM Modi's cabinet in terms of Madhya Pradesh. One face is completely new who has been given a place in the Union Cabinet. He is the former chief minister of the state Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Shivraj Singh Chauhan's name is on the lips of most people of the country because he has been the chief minister of madhya pradesh for the last 18 years. After this, the second name is Jyotiraditya Scindia. Both Shivraj and Scindia have been given powerful ministries.

Chances of factionalism in Madhya Pradesh

MP Shivraj Singh Chauhan holds the Agriculture Ministry and has been entrusted with the responsibility of promoting the country's agriculture and farmer's income. After increasing the stature of these leaders at the Center, there are chances of factionalism in madhya pradesh, because both of them have many supporters who are involved in both the government and the organization. Here in madhya pradesh, after Dr. Mohan Yadav became the chief minister, a separate faction of his supporters has been formed. Senior journalist Harish Verma, who understands the politics of madhya pradesh from the ground level, says that when Shivraj Singh Chauhan's name was not taken for the post of chief minister, it was discussed that a role has been decided for him at the Center.

Was Shivraj Singh Chauhan disappointed after being removed from the cm post?

Apart from this, making jyotiraditya scindia contest from Guna seat meant that PM Modi wanted to see him at the Center again. After these two big leaders went to delhi and got a big ministry, their political power has definitely increased. At the same time, Shivraj, who held the CM's chair for 18 consecutive years in the state, has been given the Agriculture Ministry and Scindia has been given the Remote Operations Ministry. Let us tell you that when Shivraj was removed from the post of chief minister, he became disappointed but after some time his face blossomed like before.

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