Bakrid 2024: 16 or 17 june which day is Bakrid? 

Eid Kab Hai: In june, the festival of Eid-ul-Azha i.e. Bakrid will be celebrated. There is a lot of confusion among the people about the date. Let us tell you about it.

Bakrid 2024: 16 or 17 june which day is Bakrid? Remove Eid ul Azha's date here

Bakrid 2024 Date: The festival of Eid is the main festival of Muslim religion. In the religion of islam, the festival of Eid is celebrated twice a year. One Eid-ul-Fitr called sweet Eid and the other Eid-ul-Azha called Bakrid. Now Eid-ul-Azha (eid aldha 2024) means Bakrid will be celebrated. Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated according to the Islamic calendar. In such a situation, people have a lot of confusion about the date of Eid. Let us tell you how many date Bakrid will be celebrated.

Bakrid date

Bakrid is celebrated in the month-e-Jilhija of the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. This is the last month of the Islamic calendar. In this month itself, people go for Haj pilgrimage and sacrificed. Eid district is celebrated on the 10th of the month. The month of Jilhija has started on 7 June. In such a situation, Eid will be celebrated on 17 June.

Let's sacrifice on Bakrid

Bakrid is a symbol of renunciation, dedication and faith. On this festival, people sacrifice the best animals to persuade Allah. Most people sacrifice goat on Eid. The meat on Bakrid is divided into three parts. One part is for the poor and the needy. The second part is for friends and needy. At the same time, the third part of meat is for itself.

Why is Bakrid celebrated?

The festival of Eid ul Azha is celebrated in memory of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. There is a mention in the Quran that Prophet Ibrahim was going to sacrifice his son Ismail in his way on the order of Allah on this day. Then Allah gave life to his son Ismail and in his place a Dumba i.e. the goat sacrificed. Since then, people sacrifice the goat on this day and celebrate the festival of Bakrid.

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